Teresa using Gas TurnerTeresa has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy which affects movement in her arms and hands, causing muscle weakness. Due to her limited muscle strength, Teresa was having difficulty removing her gas cap on her new vehicle. Teresa was referred to the Makers program by her twin sister who works in the assistive technology field.
Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP)’s Demonstration Center has a similar, manufactured gas cap opener for individuals to test, but unfortunately the measurements required modifications to fit Teresa’s vehicle’s gas cap handle. With the collaboration of Teresa, her sister, and the Makers team, they were able to get the correct measurements of the handle and the space around it to make the necessary changes to the gas cap opener. The handle was also slightly extended to provide easier access for Teresa and built up for a more secure grip. The device was quickly printed and shipped to Teresa to begin using it as soon as possible.
The Makers program can not only design and fabricate assistive technology devices that do not exist but can also investigate modeling and modifying already existing designs to fit the customized needs of the individual requesting it.