The nail clipper holder is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that makes clipping nails a less strenuous task for people with limited finger dexterity. It features a large force applicator so users can clip their nails by pushing down on it with their palm or hand.

Fabrication and Assembly Instructions

Device instructions:

  1. Turn nail clipper lever into its upright position
  2. Flip the device’s lever arm up until it is above the lever of the nail clipper
  3. Line up your fingernail up with the nail clipper and push your hand down to activate the nail clipper


  • FDM 3D printer
  • Material: PLA
  • Nozzle Size: .4mm
  • Layer Width: .2mm
  • Supports: Yes
  • Build Plate Adhesion: Skirt

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Credit: B. Nisker


Flipper Clipper 2 MB 43 downloads


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