Gyro Cup Holder for Wheelchair – Fabrication and Assembly Instructions


This is a print-in-place gyroscopic cup holder designed to fit the UniTrack rail under the armrest of a Permobil wheelchair. The body, rings and pins are printed in Nylon with Carbon Fiber, which requires a hardened nozzle that can withstand abrasive materials.

The basket and the bearings are printed in TPU.

Make sure to turn off “Auto Place on Buildplate” when adding the bearings. The bearings need placed so they fit inside the body, around the outer ring pivots.

Use the pins to secure the TPU strap to the cup holder inner ring.

Screw holes are added (optional) to reinforce the rail system so the cup holder doesn’t break when bumping into things.


  • Dual Extruders
  • Materials:
    • Extruder 1 – NylonCF (use abrasive/hardened nozzle)
    • Extruder 2 – TPU
  • Nozzle Size: .6mm
  • Layer Width: .2mm
  • Supports: No
  • Build Plate Adhesion: Yes

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