An image of a woman sitting in a wheelchair at the stove using an extended stove knob turner

IATP Makers teamed up with the Tech Kitchen to meet with an individual to assess her needs in her kitchen. Penny is a wheelchair user who enjoys baking in her free time. As a result of the assessment, she was able to be provided with assistive technology items that made cooking tasks safer and easier.

Prior to the visit, she was unsafely bending over from her wheelchair and reaching for the stove knobs positioned on the back of her stove. The Makers team designed and fabricated a 27” Stove Knob Reacher that was printed using our large format FDM 3D printer, to accommodate the length required for Penny to safely turn on her stove burners from a seated position. The Extended Reacher was printed in a strong durable filament that can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making this AT acceptable for reaching the back of the stove.

This fabricated device is available in our product library for others to print or request.