Noah is a young boy who recently benefitted from the Makers program. His occupational therapist continuously works hard at finding solutions for him to be more successful when engaging in daily living activities as well as play. With her input, the Maker Team fabricated an adapted switch mount for him to better access his toys. She then submitted another request for a fabricated device for Noah. He needed to have a resting place for his hands while walking when using his gait trainer which he requires due to the mobility limitations in his legs. Noah’s gait trainer did not have attached handles on each side to provide for hand stabilization which caused his arms and hands to dangle at the side.

His therapist tried other solutions in the past, but his harness and straps would get in the way. Makers designed two, symmetrical, 3D-printed handles, clips, and brackets that attach to cut-don polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe. The PVC leg attachments are adjustable, providing the option for additional height as Noah grows. This customized design was prepared all for under $10, although Makers does not charge a fee for devices, but locating attachments that are compatible with Noah’s gait trainer, if any, can get pricey. The Makers program aims to create assistive technology devices that may not already exist and are a cost-efficient solution.