Myshaun has a rare condition called TAR Syndrome, which impacts his ability to use his hands safely and complete most tasks independently. Myshaun is a Vocational Rehabilitation customer who was referred to the Tech Kitchen program to learn how to safely cook using assistive technology. Many recipes that interest Myshaun require him to use cooking and baking utensils, however, there are no current tools that exist offering extended handles.

Myshaun requires handles that are at least 18” in length to offer a safe distance when cooking on the stove. The Tech Kitchen staff, IATP occupational therapists, and Myshaun are working closely with the Makers program to design and fabricate multiple adapted handles that will attach to cooking utensils by providing the additional lengths needed. This collaboration demonstrates how the option for fabrication and design through 3D-printing, can readily assist someone in having the tools that best meet their needs.