Jenna, her mother, and sister all visited the Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) for a tour to learn about new assistive technology options that Jenna could benefit from. Jenna was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy that affects muscle movement but that does not stop her from completing tasks she loves. While at IATP, Jenna’s family learned about the Makers program where Jenna expressed a safety need for participating in one of her leisure activities which is sewing. Due to constant muscle stiffness and spasms, sewing is deemed unsafe as her hand comes too close to the needle.

Jenna came up with the idea of creating a guide that would keep the material in place while she safely feeds the material through the machine. Makers designed and developed her idea by 3D-printing a guide with magnets inserted into the bottom. The magnets provide stabilization directly onto the sewing machine base and can be removed as needed. Jenna can now sew without the concern of her hand being too close to the needle.