Young man using a 3d printed signature guideGwyn is a young adult who has been blind since birth. He recently started learning more about assistive technology options and how he can benefit from certain devices. Gwyn attended IATP’s Open House in April where he learned about the Makers program. One task that Gwyn requested to be able to do on his own is signing his signature when applicable.

Gwyn was assisted with submitting a request for the Makers to 3D-print a customized signature guide. The guide contains a one-inch margin and includes a slide in feature. Gwyn wanted to have his name embedded on the signature guide, so the Makers team was happy to make that possible. Makers also added his name in Braille since Gwyn has been learning fluent Braille. Gwyn was so excited to be able to use his signature guide, that he quickly used it to sign a photo release, giving IATP permission to show off him using his new signature guide!