Felica using the Adaptive Pan handle while cooking

Felicia inquired about a Makers device to assist with her limited hand and wrist function. Felicia lives alone and strives to be as independent as possible. One task that Felicia enjoys is cooking. She learned about the Makers program following a tech kitchen training where she was introduced to a variety of adapted kitchen tools including the 3D-printed adapted pan handle.

The adapted pan handle can help anyone who experiences reduced strength and/or pain and limitation in the wrist. It provides support to the forearm and wrist while cooking. Those with reduced function due to issues such as arthritis or carpal tunnel may find it helpful. The design has a screwed in vertical grip handle that can be adjusted as needed to fit a variety of pans. The pan handle can be customized to fit any individual’s need by extending the forearm support or lengthening the handle. Contact the Maker Team for more information.