Cost of materials and production2023-07-14T13:57:34-05:00

Most programs require recuperation of the cost of materials and production. Many items can be produced at a very low cost, often times for under twenty dollars. If you have a need that requires complex design and fabrication, IATP can assist you in identifying all available resources to help cover costs.

You will be a team member throughout the process providing design input and testing of prototypes.2023-07-14T13:56:35-05:00
Request is shared within the IATP Maker Network to begin the fabrication process.2023-07-14T13:56:22-05:00
You will be provided with an estimated reimbursement cost based on cost of production.2023-07-14T13:56:09-05:00
Your request will be reviewed by project staff and you will be contacted to discuss the details of your request.2023-07-14T13:55:51-05:00
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