Apple Keyboard StandA previous IATP customer reached out to the Makers program to request a fabricated device for his Apple keyboard that was loaned through IATP’s Device Loan Program. There wasn’t any existing keyboard stand designs for this model of keyboard, so an engineer on the Makers team designed and fabricated one to fit the customer’s need. The keyboard stand contains a downward slope of roughly sixteen degrees to accommodate the customer’s tightened muscle tone in his arms and wrist. Once the design was finished and printed, the Makers Program adhered Dycem, a non-slip material, to the bottom of the keyboard stand to ensure it would not move around while in use. The customer was very pleased with the outcome and the ability to use his keyboard when paired with the fabricated stand that he called the Makers program as soon as the package arrived to praise them for their design work. In the customer’s generous words, he said, “The Makers program should win an award for my new keyboard stand!”.