Adaptive knife on cutting board with sliced limes

Limited options are available for a chef with arthritis to continue cutting safely and comfortably. Most commonly available knives with adaptive handles have neither quality blades or handles strong enough for repetitive usage, nor were they designed for food preparation and cooking related tasks.

The design team developed and tested multiple prototypes and was able to create a knife that specifically meets the client’s needs. The result is a strong, high-quality adaptive chef’s knife that can be easily reproduced for others with similar needs. 

The handle is placed along the back of the knife blade to allow forearm leverage as opposed to using the wrist. A wider handle is added to the blade to accommodate those needing wider grips. 

The body of the handle uses a tessellated PLA form to reduce the amount of resin necessary as well as to add structural stability to the handle.

The use of resin over a 3D-form creates a clean, non-porous surface that will last as long as the blade.