About IATP and the Maker Program

The Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) has been working to increase access to and the acquisition of assistive technologies (AT) for Illinois residents since 1989.

IATP created the Maker Program to expand available options for individuals to acquire the assistive technology they need.

What We Do

  • We design and fabricate assistive technology devices using 3D printing, pressure forming, laser cutting, and a variety of other readily available materials and hardware.
  • We provide customized devices created by the Maker Team
  • We provide simple AT devices designed and/or printed by other Makers
  • We continually work to expand an AT Maker network that serves Illinois residents.
  • We provide training and resources

Who We Serve

  • Fabrication services are available to Illinois residents of all ages with disabilities and/or health related conditions in need of a device
  • Training and outreach services are available for agencies and organizations that serve those who can benefit from the Maker program

What Does a Device Cost?

  • Donations help the program be able to provide items at no cost
  • A suggested donation amount is provided to help cover costs of materials but is not required
  • Material costs for most items are usually in a range of two to ten dollars

How to Request A Device

  • Any Illinois resident, family member, or someone supporting an individual in need can request a device
  • A referral is not necessary
  • Complete the “Request Device” form on the Maker website to initiate the process
  • If internet access is not available, call the Maker program to discuss the request

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Donate printed items that can be provided free of charge to those in need
  • Contribute your time and skills to product design ideas and prototype development
  • Contact us for more information